7th Baltic Electrochemistry Conference: Finding New Inspiration (BEChem2018)

4 November 2018 17:00 - 7 November 2018 17:00, Tartu, Estonia

Electrochemical processes play an important role in many aspects of the quality of our life. Therefore the topics of the 7th Baltic Electrochemistry Conference: Finding New Inspiration will cover various areas of electrochemical approaches, such as electrochemistry and materials science, engineering of devices and systems for sustainable energetics, and application of novel in situ/operando methods for studies of fundamental and applied electrochemistry. New developments in the fields of supercapacitors, Li-and Na-ion batteries, polymer electrolyte and solid oxide fuel cells, electrolysis cells, electro- and bioelectrosynthesis devices, and corrosion protection methods will be discussed.

Main discussion topics:
  • Electrical double layer, charge transfer, and catalysis processes
  • In situ and operando methods in electrochemistry (incl. synchrotron and neutron beam methods)
  • Novel power sources (SC, Li-, Na-ion batteries, PEMFC, SOFC/SOEC, etc.)
  • Low- and high-temperature corrosion
  • Complex energy storage/conversion systems

Sponsorship & supporting organisations
V spa and conference hotel

V spa and conference hotel, Riia 2, Tartu, 51004, Estonia

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