From cradle to grave: the chromatographic (analytical) method life cycle

10 May 2018 10:00-16:30, London, United Kingdom

This meeting, jointly organised with the Chromatographic Society (Chrom Soc), will look to holistically examine the entire analytical method lifecycle. Each aspect of the cycle will be examined through the perspective of leading experts in each of these areas, aiming to give as a result a state of the art perspective on each area. It will look at key aspects such as effective use of in silico modelling tools, technological advances in both instrumental and chromatographic techniques as well as the key concepts of quality by design and method flexibility. 
In each of the areas described the relationship to regulatory requirements will be carefully examined, looking in particular at alignment to newly evolving guidance regarding life cycle management, ICH Q12 as well as Pharmacopoeial requirements.
This meeting represents a must attend meeting for those involved in the pivotal field of chromatographic analysis and its application to impurity control and management
The Royal Society of Chemistry

The Royal Society of Chemistry, Burlington House, Piccadilly, London, W1J 0BA, United Kingdom

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