Continuous Flow Technology IV

14 May 2019 09:00 - 16 May 2019 16:00, Manchester, United Kingdom

Pendulum Manchester Conference Centre
Sackville Street
Manchester M1 3BB

The meeting is directed at individuals with a curiosity into what Flow is and how it may benefit them or their organisations, and those already involved in the area. The presentations will cover aspects from microfluidics discovery to production scale manufacture, highlighting the latest developments, novel methods, engineering and their application. This meeting will be of particular interest to synthetic chemists, process development chemists, chemical engineers and plant managers operating in pharmaceutical, agrochemicals and the fine and speciality chemicals industries.

Themes and topics
Research and Discovery
Flow Technology for molecule makers
Process Development and Scale up
The Interface of chemistry and engineering
Commercial Manufacture
Industrial applications and further challenges

Confirmed Speakers
Prof Ian Baxendale, Durham University, UK
Prof Klavs Jensen, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
Prof Oliver Kappe, Karl-Franzens University Graz, Austria
Prof Tyler McQuade, Virginia Commonwealth University, USA
Speakers from Process and Technology groups at GlaxoSmithKline, MSD and BASF

Organising Committee
Dr Mark Bratt, GW Pharmaceuticals plc
Dr Stuart.Cameron, Concept Life Sciences
Dr Fred Hancock, SCI
Dr Gareth Jenkins, Britest
Dr Nat Monck, SCI / Evotec 
Pendulum Manchester Conference Centre

Pendulum Manchester Conference Centre, Sackville Street, Manchester, M1 3BB, United Kingdom

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