Chronicle Chats – On Science: Should We Live Forever?

8 May 2018 19:00-20:30, San Francisco, United States

Join us on Tuesday, May 8th at the Herbst Theatre for our second Chronicle Chats – On Science: Should We Live Forever? A lively discussion centered around the medical potential and ethical implications of living forever. Questions that will be explored include: Should we invest in the promise of ending all disease or ending aging? What are the ramifications for the planet (or the environment). 
Guests include: 
- Audrey Cooper: San Francisco Chronicle Editor in Chief (Moderator)
- Aubrey de Grey: Chief Science Officer of the SENS Research Foundation (Panelist) 
- William Hurlburt: MD, Adjunct Professor of Neurobiology at the Stanford Medical School (Panelist) 
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Herbst Theatre

Herbst Theatre, 401 Van Ness Ave, San Francisco, 94102, United States

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