The next steps for nuclear energy projects in the UK

16 October 2018 09:00, London, United Kingdom

With the UK currently generating around 21% of its electricity from nuclear power, but with almost half of this capacity to be retired by 2025, this seminar will be a timely opportunity to discuss the outlook for new nuclear projects in the UK.
With the Clean Growth Strategy commitment to delivering new nuclear power through Hinkley Point C and progressing discussions with other developers to secure a competitive price for future projects, delegates will consider latest thinking on how to address the challenges for bringing down the costs of nuclear power while maintaining safety.
Further sessions will explore the role of nuclear power in ensuring the UK’s energy security as coal generation is phased out, as well as priorities for effectively incentivising innovation in the context of the Nuclear Innovation fund to support future nuclear fuels, new nuclear manufacturing techniques, recycling and reprocessing, and advanced reactor design.
We also expect discussion to bring out latest thinking on the environmental impact of nuclear projects - particularly in the areas of waste and construction - the international investment climate for the industry, and prospects for a sector deal.
Central London

Central London, TBC, London, SE1 7LY, United Kingdom

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