Careers in Chemistry: research opportunites in industry and academia

13 November 2018 19:00-20:00, Birmingham, United Kingdom

At this time of the year, many Sixth Form students will be thinking about what they might like to do for a career and what to study at University, and how their subjects relate to the real world.
Chemists from industry and academia will talk to Sixth Formers about some of the real-life challenges that chemists are working on and what their careers have been like in practice. The aim of this symposium is to demystify career pathways and explore exciting research opportunities in the field of chemistry - what are the big challenges? What is the potential to make a real impact on peoples' lives?
This event features leading chemists from Astra Zeneca, Johnson Matthey and the University of Birmingham. As well as their presentations, the panel of speakers will be happy to take questions from the audience, as well as from individuals afterwards.
Sponsorship & supporting organisations
Royal Society of Chemistry
University of Birmingham, School of Chemistry

Haworth Lecture Theatre, Room 101, University of Birmingham, School of Chemistry, Edgbaston Park Road, Birmingham, B15 2TT, United Kingdom

Organised by
West Midlands Chemistry Teachers' Centre
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