Royal Society Chemistry - Chemical Society of Japan Joint Publishing Workshop: Introduction to Publishing and Tips for Effective Manuscript Preparation and Peer-Review Process

23 October 2018 13:00-17:35, Tokyo, Japan

How can one maximise the impact and visibility of their research through effective preparation of manuscripts? One of the crucial activities in scientific research is presenting and sharing your findings effectively with your community in the form of a scientific publication.  Effective manuscript preparation enhances the delivery of your key discoveries and messages, allowing to better connect with your audience. While there is no definitive guidelines, this talk aims to offer advices to improve manuscript preparation skills and help appeal to potential reviewers and readers.

We will also discuss our process from submission to publication and describes the roles that editors play, consideration points, and best practices as a reviewer in peer-review process.

There will also be an hour session focusing on sentence structure in science writing.

Free to attend this workshop, but one needs to be registered for the 8th CSJ Chemistry Festa.
The workshop is free to attend, however, since this is a part of 8th CSJ Chemistry Festa programme, one must first be registered to attend the 8th CSJ Chemistry Festa (23 - 25 October 2018). Table below summarizes the registration fee to attend the CSJ Chemistry Festa.
Type Pre-registration On-site registration
CSJ members 15,000 JPY 18,000 JPY
Non-members 27,000 JPY 30,000 JPY
CSJ student members 4,000 JPY 5,000 JPY
Non-member students 5,000 JPY 6,000 JPY
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Tower Hall Funabori

Room 401 (Lecture Hall E), 4th Floor, Tower Hall Funabori, 4-1-1 Funabori, Edogawa-Ku, Tokyo, 134-0091, Japan

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Royal Society of Chemistry
Chemical Society of Japan
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