25th Conference on Isoprenoids

9 - 11 September 2020, Karaganda, Kazakhstan

The Organizing Committee invites you and your colleagues to take part in the 25th conference taking place in Karaganda, Republic of Kazakhstan on September 9 - 11, 2020. The conference is organized by the International Research and Production Holding "Phytochemistry“, the Isoprenoid Society, and the Czech Chemical Society. The forum is supported by the European Chemical Society, the Phytochemical Society of Europe and the Royal Chemical Society (United Kingdom).

The 25th Conference on Isoprenoids is a continuation of the tradition of scientific meetings of the Czech and Polish scientists conducted since 1966. 

The programme will cover the following topics:
  • Chemistry of natural isoprenoids. The search for natural sources. Biosynthesis and metabolism. Total synthesis. Methods of stereoselective synthesis. Methods of structural analysis.
  • Pharmacological research of isoprenoid compounds and their practical application.
  • Molecular-biological, genetic engineering and environmental aspects of isoprenoids.
  • Production technology of original drugs based on isoprenoids.
Sponsorship & supporting organisations
  • European Chemical Society
  • Royal Society of Chemistry
  • Phytochemical Society of Europe
The International Research and Production Holding "Phytochemistry"

Lecture Theatre , The International Research and Production Holding "Phytochemistry", Gazaliev str. 4 M, Karaganda, 100009, Kazakhstan

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