CO2 Reuse Summit

8 - 9 May 2019, Berlin, Germany

The world is constantly looking for pathways to sustainable future. One of the biggest issues are increasing CO2 emissions, which are causing the global warming. Scientists from around the globe developed several technologies enabling us to turn carbon dioxide into usefull products like fuels, building materials, chemicals or polymers. However CO2 utilization projects still require further research, industry collaboration, funding or policy changes in order to become feasible and well established on the market.
CO2 Reuse Summit aims to explore solutions for carbon dioxide utilization. Science made us realise, we can treat CO2 as a feedstock, not waste. It became useful and valuable for various industries. The topics we cover create a pathway to a sustainable future with lower carbon emissions. The future when we can finally stop the global warming

CO2 Reuse Summit, taking place on 8-9 May in Berlin, will bring together major stakeholders from the industry to highlight the latest developments related to carbon utilization. We will discuss key challenges and opportunities when it comes to technology, economics or policy. We invite you to join your peers for 2 days of interactive presentations, case studies and networking sessions. Get involved in building a decarbonized society.

Previous participants include:
Air Liquide | Aramco Overseas | Avantium | AVL | AZOMURES | BASF | Bauhaus-Luftfahrt | Borealis | Busch | Cement Sustainability Initiative (CSI) | Climeworks  | CO2 Value Europe | Dillinger | Dow Chemical Company | Electrochaea | Eni | EnobraQ | Enstar | Enviro Ambient | ETH Zurich | European Chemical Industry Council – Cefic | Exxon Mobil | Forschungszentrum Jülich | Frames | Fuchs Petrolub | Haldor Topsoe | Heraeus Deutschland | Hydrogenics | IET Institut für Energietechnik | Karlsruhe Institute of Technology | KBR | KEITI (Korea Environmental Industry & Technology Institute) | KRICT (Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology) | Lappeenranta University of Technology | Lhoist | LyondellBasell | Mecsek Coal Cluster / Calamites | MicroBio Engineering | Omega Green | PCC ROKITA | Phytonix | Politecnico di Torino | Reliance Industries | Repsol | Saipem | Sandia National Laboratories | SARAS | SCG Chemicals | Shell Global Solutions | SIAD | Sulzer Chemtech | Sunfire | Sunredox | Technical University of Denmark | Tecnalia | Total Research & Technology | TUBE TECH INTERNATIONAL | Twence | University of Oulu | University of Southern Denmark | Wermuth Asset Management | VITO | Voith Hydro | VTT | YODFAT ENGINEERS 

TBA, TBA, Berlin, 10117, Germany

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