Natural Products in Drug Discovery and Human Health (NatProdDDH)

28 - 31 July 2019, Lisbon, Portugal

On behalf of the Phytochemical Society of Europe (PSE) and the organizing committee, it is an honor to invite you to participate in the Natural Products in Drug Discovery and Human Health (NatProdDDH) conference that will be held in Lisbon, Portugal, on July 28-31, 2019.
During four days, the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Lisbon will congregate the exciting world of Natural Products research, bringing together senior scientists, young researchers, and PhD students from all over the world to share their latest advances.
The attractive program of NatProdDDH will cover the state-of-the-art in Natural Products research, up to their application as value-added products for human health. Through plenary sessions, lectures, poster presentations and coffee breaks, the participants will discover the auspicious environment for the generation of innovative ideas, networking, and synergies.
We are looking forward to meeting you in Lisbon!

Scientific Topics
– Natural Products in drug discovery
– Isolation and structural identification of Natural Products
– Synthesis and semi-synthesis of Natural Products
– Marine Natural Products
– Bioactivity of Natural Products
– Ethnopharmacology
– Metabolomics
– Phytochemical analysis
– Plant Biotechnology
– Cosmetics
– Functional foods
– Other fields related to Natural Products
Sponsorship & supporting organisations
Phytochemical Society of Europe (PSE)
Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Lisbon (FFUL)
Research Institute for Medicines (iMed.ULisboa)
Sociedade Portuguesa de Química (SPQ)
Ordem dos Farmacêuticos (OF)

Phytochemical Reviews
Marine Drugs
Jinan University
Zhejiang University
Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Lisbon

Auditorium Maria Odette Santos Ferreira, Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Lisbon, Av. Prof. Gama Pinto, Lisbon, 1649-003, Portugal

Organised by
Prof. Dr. Maria José U. Ferreira (Lisbon, Portugal)

Organising Committee
Maria José U. Ferreira (Lisbon, Portugal)
Carlos Afonso (Lisbon, Portugal)
Ana Margarida Madureira (Lisbon, Portugal)
Noélia Duarte (Lisbon, Portugal)
Patricia Rijo (Lisbon, Portugal)
Cátia Ramalhete (Lisbon, Portugal)
Mariana Reis (CIIMAR, Portugal)
Ricardo Ferreira (Lisbon, Portugal)

Scientific Committee
Francisco A Macias, University of Cadiz (Spain)
Satyajit Sarker, University of Liverpool John Moores (UK)
A. Douglas Kinghorn, University of Ohio State (USA)
Simon Gibbons, University of College London (UK)
Virginia Lanzotti, University of Naples Federico II (Italy)
Robert Verpoorte, University of Leiden (The Netherlands)
Artur Silva, University of Aveiro (Portugal)
Franz Bucar, University of Graz (Austria)
Pinarosa Avato, University of Bari (Italy)
Hermann Stuppner, University of Innsbruck (Austria)
Carlos Afonso, University of Lisbon (Portugal)
Giovanni Appendino, University of Eastern Piedmont (Italy)
Maria José U Ferreira, University of Lisbon (Portugal)
Judit Hohmann, University of Szeged (Hungary)
Lígia Salgueiro, University of Coimbra (Portugal)
Deniz Tasdemir, GEOMAR-Biotech (Germany)
Paula Andrade, University of Porto (Portugal)
Ana Paula C Duarte, University of Beira Interior (Portugal)
Miroslav Strnad, University of Olomouc (Czech Republic)
Paula Castilho, University of Madeira (Portugal)
Randolph Arroo, University of De Montfort Leicester (UK)
Isabel CFR Ferreira, Polytechnic Institute of Bragança (Portugal)
Elvira Gille, NIRDBS Bucharest (Romania)
Krystyna Skalicka-Wo┼║niak, University of Lublin (Poland)
Alberto Dias, University of Minho (Portugal)
Jianbo Xiao, University of Macau (China)
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