22nd International Water Technology Conference

12 September 2019 10:00 - 14 September 2019 20:00, Ismailia, Egypt, Egypt

Organized By:

International Water Technology Association  www.iwta.info
In co-operation with
Egyptian Chineese University                     
Mansoura University                                
Port Said University                                    
Holding Company for Water and Wastewater      
Water Research Center Engineering Syndicate
Academic Organizers
Academy of Scientific Research and Technology, (ASRT), Egypt.
Clusters of Scientific Innovation in the Middle East and North Africa, (COSIMENA), Germany
French Geological Survey (BRGM), France’s Public Institution in Earth Science Applications, France
Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR) , Kuwait
National Research Council (CNR),  Italy
National Water Research Centre (NWRC),  Egypt
RWTH Aachen University, (RWTHAU), Germany
Shirshov Institute of Oceanology, RAS,  Russia
Technische Universität Berlin Campus El Gouna, (TUBGEC), Germany

     This edition of International Water Technology Conference  is the twenty second of event series initiated by The International Water Technology Association (IWTA) twenty one years ago. The conference offers an opportunity to present and discuss the most recent technological innovations and scientific developments associated with the water resources  management, water  treatment technology, environmental and ecological systems, agricultural-water related issues and water infrastructure.  The conference brings together researchers, scientists, water professionals, end-users, managers, decision makers and stakeholders from universities, research institutes, governmental agencies, industries and other interest groups. The conference  participants will discuss and develop a general framework for minimizing and preventing the deterioration in water quality, remediation, restoration, innovative treatment technologies, energy consumption, and optimizing water resources planning and management facing scarcity. On the sidelines of the conferences, international  exhibitions have been hold that  offer the perfect occasion for discussing the new trends in the field of water industry. The exhibitors are contractors, manufacturers and all specialized companies in water industry field.

Regular registration                                 $450  USD
On-site registration  fees                         $500 USD
Registration for local participants:
Registration with accommodation            3150  EGP
Without accommodation                           1750 EGP
Registration fees for participants cover:
Conference briefcase and registration kit
Opening and closing ceremonies
Accommodation for 3days, 2 nights at conference hotel with breakfast per person in a double room
Coffee breaks and Dinner
Conference proceedings and publications
Attendance to all the conference sessions, keynote talks and workshops 
Previous acceptance rate: 45% in average
1.  Water Resources Planning and Management:
Integrated water resources management
Water  resources for sustainable development
Remote sensing and GIS applications
Impacts of global  and regional  climate change
Water quality and protection
Trans-boundary water conflict and cooperation issues
2.  Water Treatment Technology:
Waste water  treatment technologies
Computer applications in water treatment
Purification plants and networks
Hydraulic machinery
Environmental impact assessment
Surface and subsurface wetlands
3. Desalination Technologies:
Membrane  based  technology
Desalination by renewable energy
Desalination hybrid systems
New trends  in water desalination
4.  Groundwater Flow:
Artificial recharge and active management of aquifers
Groundwater flow and contamination
Integrated coastal aquifer management
Computational  groundwater
5.  Hydraulics and Hydraulic Structures:
Water distribution systems analysis
Sediment transport and  modeling  techniques
Maintenance and  rehabilitation of  hydraulic structures
IT applications in water infrastructure
Coastal and  harbor  engineering 
6.  Agricultural  Water Issues:
Sustainable agriculture and  mega projects
Agricultural water  pollution and reuss technologies
Low water consumption crops
New  trends  in virtual water use and  transbounday cooperation
7. Hydroinformatics:
Water Resources development and  modeling process
Water supply and sanitation technologies
Water and food  scarcity and  agriculture developments
Hybrid hydro models
Pros and cons of  hydro modeling  process
8. Nanotechnology approach:
Water Treatment applications
Desalination Technologies
Groundwater Flow applications
Agricultural  Water Issues 
Paper Submission Procedure
Submit your paper directly via e-mail.The paper should be prepared according to the author’s guidelines posted on the conference website. Violation of the template may lead to rejection of the paper.

Conference Reward
 There will be a reward to the best research paper in each track /topic
Tolip Elforsan, Ismailia

Tolip Elforsan, Ismailia, Ismailia, Egypt, Ismailia, Egypt, 12345, Egypt

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