Synthesis in Drug Discovery and Development

22 March 2021 13:00 - 23 March 2021 17:00, United Kingdom


A virtual symposium


Synthesis is at the heart of drug discovery and development. The industry has increasingly demanded higher quality clinical candidates and has sought to exploit less druggable biological targets. Densely functionalised small molecules with a high degree of synthetic complexity are often the result of these demands. Successful programmes therefore require the application of innovative synthesis in all stages of discovery and development. The medicinal chemist’s toolbox is also enhanced by the introduction of novel biosostrere, often made available only through the application of new synthetic methods. This symposium aims to celebrate the crucial role of synthesis in the success of drug discovery and development.

Programme Theme and Features

The three main themes of the symposium will be:
• Innovative synthesis facilitating candidate discovery
• Novel bioisosteres and methodology applicable to drug discovery
• Overcoming challenges of scale-up and process scale chemistry

Who should attend

Chemists from industry and academia, including synthetic, medicinal and process chemists.

Call for Posters

Applications are invited for poster presentation. Posters will be displayed throughout the day and applicants are asked if they wish to provide a two-minute flash oral presentation when submitting their abstracts. 


Registration is not yet open


The exhibitor offering is under consideration. 


We are grateful to our sponsors for their support of this symposium, and additional sponsors are sought to support the low registration fees offered to students attendees.
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