STEM Spelling Bee: Midlands Heat (Nottingham)

12 March 2020 15:00-17:00, Nottingham, United Kingdom

Raising the profile of literacy in science with competitive spelling!

The STEM Spelling Bee started out in the North of England but with overwhelming interest from schools, the competition is spreading and we're pleased to announce a Midlands competition for 2019/2020. The aim of the competition is to raise the profile of scientific vocabulary through competitive spelling and is based upon the format used in foreign language spelling bees. Pupils will be given lists of words to learn for the heats, exposing them to new vocabulary beyond that they would meet in the usual school curriculum.

Schools can chose to run a first round to select their spellers (resources on the dedicated website), or simply pick their three best year 7 spellers to come to the Midlands heat.  

Full information is on the website: ​ 
Trent College

Trent College, Derby Road, Long Eaton, Nottingham, NG10 4AD, United Kingdom

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