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Setting the Table: finding the order of the elements

10 December 2019, Cockermouth, United Kingdom

In celebration of the International Year of the Periodic Table (IYPT 2019), the Royal Society of Chemistry is organising a series of talks at science centres, universities and other venues across the UK and Republic of Ireland. Aimed at the public and established chemists alike, the IYPT Lectures will feature some of the most exciting science communicators in the field of chemistry, whose talks will bring the periodic table of elements to life.

About the lecture

A high-speed journey through the key steps that led to the masterpiece of the periodic table of the elements: from the four classical elements of the ancient Greeks (air, earth, fire, water) through the relentless work of the alchemists and of great scientists such as Boyle, Priestley, Cavendish and Lavoisier, all the way down to the genius of Mendeleev and his solitaire card game, destined to change forever the way we understand the universe around us.

Talk time 19:30. We expect the lecture to be around 90 minutes with a short break in the middle.

Attendance at this event is free but places are limited and booking is mandatory. 

To book a place, please phone Mike Rose-Troup on 01900 826903 from 0800 Wednesday 4 December.

Please note that you may only reserve places for a maximum of 4 people. If you can’t take up your reserved place please phone Mike (don't email) as soon as possible to let him know as a waiting list operates when we've filled the maximum number of places. 
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