Air Quality: Responding to new challenges

10 - 11 December 2019, London, United Kingdom

2019 has seen air quality remain high on the public and political agendas. The UK Government launched its new Air Quality Strategy, tackling a broad range sources including traffic, wood burning and agriculture. Increasing numbers of countries and cities are making long-term commitments to phasing out petrol and diesel cars, increasing the focus on non-exhaust vehicle emissions, as well as current real-world exhaust emissions. As evidence of the health impacts of air pollution increase, cities are investigating and introducing new measures to meet EU Limit Values and protect their citizens. The demonstrators who are taking to the streets and demanding urgent action to tackle our climate crisis are also demanding clean air.

Building on the success of this long-running annual event, the 2019 conference will present an update on a range of relevant topics. The presenters will include internationally recognised experts, and there will also be a range of contributed talks and posters, providing a broad and up-to-date survey of the measurement, regulatory and scientific issues affecting air quality.

The conference will again be held in collaboration with Defra's Air Quality Expert Group (AQEG), with sessions based on the group’s recently-published reports, including those on non-exhaust particle emissions and assessing the effectiveness of interventions intended to improve air quality. Presentations will also be made on topics that AQEG are currently investigating, including developments in vehicle exhaust emissions and non-methane volatile organic compounds. There will also be a session devoted to recent advances in airborne particle measurements, linked to the European AEROMET project. 

Students and young scientists who submit posters for the MAA19 Conference may be awarded bursaries which will be a Complimentary Registration at the conference. Persons who wish to qualify for this award should submit confirmation of their status along with the submission of poster abstract.
The Royal Society of Chemistry

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