Cancelled: The Schools' Analyst Competition - North West Regional Heat - Lancaster University

6 May 2020 09:30-15:45, Lancaster, United Kingdom


Competition details

Choose a team of three students from your Year 12 A Level (or equivalent) chemistry group to compete in a day of analytical experiments and be assessed on the quality of their results. As practical skills are a key focus of the new A level this event provides the perfect opportunity for students to revise some of the techniques they will need while providing stretch and challenge in a university environment.

Teams will be supported in their use of equipment and will not be judged on their ability to learn new techniques. There will be a tutorial at the start of the lab session to ensure all students are familiar with the equipment and chemistry concepts needed.

What you need to bring​

You don't need to bring anything. All safety equipment (glasses, gloves and lab coats) will be provided by the University.

​Lunch and refreshments are provided throughout the event.​

How to register

To enter a team in the competition, please email Gail Sheldrick at for details. Please note places are limited and early booking is essential.​

Proposed programme​

We have a full day of activities lined up for students. As well as the competition experiments, there will also be a lecture given by the Head of the Chemistry Department at Lancaster. It is recommended that students are accompanied by a science/chemistry teacher if possible. For teachers accompanying the students, the day will provide the opportunity for informal networking, tours of the Chemistry Building, internet access and meeting rooms for private work.​

Timetable - please note this timetable may be subject to change:
​9.30 - 9.45:    Arrival, registration and refreshments
​9.45 - 10.00:  Welcome to Lancaster University and competition overview
​10.00 - 1.15:  Brief of experiment. Laboratory practical challenge
​11.00 - 11.30:Drinks
1.15 - 2.00:    Lunch
​2.00 - 3.00:    Lecture, by the Head of the Chemistry Department
​3.00 - 3.45:    Results and prize presentation. Evaluation and depart.

The competition will take place in the laboratories within the Chemistry Building at Lancaster University and will involve the use of a range of experimental and analytical instrumentation.
Lancaster University

Chemistry Building, Lancaster University, Bailrigg, Lancaster, LA1 4YW, United Kingdom

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