13th International Conference on Advances in Fluid Mechanics

2 June 2020 09:00 - 4 June 2020 18:00, Prague, Czech Republic

AFM 2020 is the 13th International Conference on Advances in Fluid Mechanics. The meeting is reconvened following the success of all previous conferences in the series, the first of which took place in New Orleans (1996), followed by Udine (1998); Montreal (2000); Ghent (2002); Lisboa (2004); Skiathos (2006); the New Forest, home of the Wessex Institute (2008); The Algarve (2010); Split (2012); A Coruña (2014), Ancona (2016) and Ljubljana (2018).

The success of the Conference continues to attract high quality contributions presenting original results. The evolution of the meeting is reflected in the variety of topics and applications published in the conference book series since its beginnings in 1996.

The field of fluid mechanics is vast and has numerous and diverse applications. The conference covers a wide range of topics, including basic formulations and their computer modelling as well as the relationship between experimental and analytical results. The emphasis is on new applications and research currently in progress.

The papers – like others presented at Wessex Institute conferences – are part of the WIT Transactions in Engineering Sciences series and are archived online in the WIT eLibrary (www.witpress.com/elibrary), where they are freely available to the international scientific community.

The objective of the meeting is to provide a forum for discussing new work in fluid mechanics and, in particular, for promoting the interchange of new ideas and the presentation on the latest applications in the field.


The following list covers some of the topics to be presented at AFM 2020. Papers on other topics related to the objectives of the conference are welcome

Computational methods
Boundary elements and other mesh reduction methods
Fluid structure interaction
Multiphase heat transfer
Environmental fluid dynamics
Industrial applications
Energy harvesting
Nano and micro fluids
Complex flows
Droplet and spray dynamics
Bubble dynamics
Multiphase fluid flow
Pumping and fluid transportation
Experimental measurements
Complex and non-Newtonian fluids
Chemical reaction flow
Hydroelectromagnetic flow
hypersonic flows
Wave theory
Acoustics of noise propagation
Theoretical methods
Nanotechnology applications in fluids and heat transfer
Bluff body aerodynamics
Aerodynamic shape optimization
Case Studies
Masarykova Kolej

Masarykova Kolej, Thákurova 1, Praha 6-Dejvice, Česko, Prague, 160 41, Czech Republic

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