4th International Conference on Emerging Advanced Nanomaterials ICEAN 2020

17 August 2020 14:00 - 21 August 2020 17:00, Newcastle, Australia

The ICEAN2020 aims to bring together scientists active in the fields of advanced nano and biomaterials, especially optronic, photovoltaic, magnetic, organic, porous, composite, computational, sensor, battery, fuel cell, catalytic and biomaterials, from all over the world. The ICEAN2020, hosted by the GICAN at UON provides an opportunity to share the knowledge and create a collaborative platform where the top research experts from all over the world can work together on key and challenging research areas including advanced nano and biomaterials. The Conference will consist of 13 plenary including 3 Nobel Laureates, 20 keynote and more than 300 invited lectures from researchers who are pioneers in the field of emerging advanced nano and nanobiomaterials and their applications.
Sponsorship & supporting organisations
Yonsei University, Australian Nanotechnology Network, Australian Materials Research Society, Queensland Micro- and Nanotechnology center, Griffith University, Royal Australian Chemical Institute  

Arena, The NEX, 309 King Street, Newcastle, 2300, Australia

Organised by
Professor Ajayan Vinu, â€‹Global Innovation Chair Professor and Director, The University of Newcastle
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