Red Cabbage - natural pH indicator #IYPT2019

4 December 2019 09:00-19:00, South Orange, United States

Get amazed by what nature is capable to do and, why not, learn how to perform this easy demonstration at home. Red cabbage contains pH-sensitive dyes, anthocyanins, the same type of dyes responsible for colors of leaves in the fall. 
The event serves as a platform for bringing awareness about the International Year of Periodic Table and the importance of chemistry in daily life.
Information will be provided regarding the change in pigment structure at different pH responsible for the change in color. 
The demonstration will be performed by the graduate students from the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department at Seton Hall University. 
Sponsorship & supporting organisations
Seton Hall University
Science Building, Seton Hall University

McNulty Hall Atrium, Science Building, Seton Hall University , 400 South Orange Ave, South Orange, 07079, United States

Organised by
Royal Society of Chemistry
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