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RSC-BMCS Postgraduate symposium XIV: biological and medicinal chemistry symposium for postgraduates

11 December 2020 10:00-15:30, United Kingdom

A Virtual Symposium


The RSC-BMCS (Biological and Medicinal Chemistry Sector) will host its fourteenth postgraduate symposium for PhD students and post-doctoral workers researching in biological or medicinal chemistry and related areas.  Researchers working in these areas are invited to participate. 

Call for Abstracts
If you were interested in presenting your relevant PhD or post-doctoral work as a talk or poster, you were asked to submit a single-page abstract by 5th October.   All those who submitted abstracts have been notified of the Poster Review Panel's decisions.

Posters and Prizes
The meeting’s popular poster session will be held online. Posters will be hosted on a dedicated webpage in the run-up to the meeting and there will be an opportunity for registered delegates to interact with the poster presenters via GrapeVine, a networking platform, on the day before the symposium (10th December) from 12.00-14.00 to allow presenters to interact with attendees. In addition, contact may be made with the poster authors via Twitter or e-mail during the symposium itself.
The BMCS judges awarded prizes to participants. There were prizes of £500 for the best oral presentation and of £250 for the best poster. These were announced at the end of the day.

Oral presentation winner:  
MetaTacs: a strategy for metastasis prevention through targeted fascin degradation
Sarah Memarzadeh, University of Glasgow

Oral presentation runner-up: 
Nitro at the museum, or drugs of the future?
Vanessa Lyne, University of Durham

Poster presentation winner: 
High-throughput synthesis of PhotoAffinity Bits (PhABits) to study protein-ligand binding
Ross Thomas, University of Strathclyde

Poster presentation runner-up: 
PROTAC-mediated degradation of class-I Histone Deacetylase (HDAC) Enzymes in corepressor complexes
Joshua Smalley, University of Leicester

Poster presentation - participants' prize:  
Exploring protein stabilisation as an approach to p53 drug discovery
Joseph Stephenson-Clarke, University of Southampton
This event was FREE, but all attendees were required to register.  To secure your place at this popular event, please register by no later than Friday, 27th November.   
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