Teachmeet: Evidence-based science/chemistry teaching

4 February 2020 16:30-19:00, Bolton, United Kingdom

Session 1: Accessing and interpreting research evidence. (Kristy Turner)

Where can we find research evidence? What are the challenges in accessing and interpreting research? What role can blogs and research digests play in helping practitioners access research? What biases need to considered? What kind of research are science teachers interested in finding out about?

Session 2: What does the research say about balancing equations? (Kristy Turner and Tanveer Rihal)

Balancing equations is a difficult concept for students to learn and causes a great deal of frustration for teachers. In this session we will explore the literature on balancing equations and more recent research projects.

Session 3: The role of learned societies, subject associations and charities in interpreting and disseminating research evidence. (Katayune Presland)

Find out about the resources available though the Royal Society of Chemistry, Association of Science Education, Education Endowment Fund, University of York Science Education Group and Gatsby. These include peer-reviewed journal articles, research digests, classroom resources written using research evidence, print and online books and teaching guidelines
Bolton Boys School, Boys Division

Bolton Boys School, Boys Division, Chorley New Road, Bolton, BL1 4PA, United Kingdom

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