23rd World Hydrogen Energy Conference (WHEC-2020)

5 - 9 July 2020, Istanbul, Turkey

The World Hydrogen Energy Conference is an excellent occasion for international and Turkish communities to work together to enhance the global activities in the field of hydrogen energy systems for a sustainable future. The dissemination of knowledge on hydrogen energy will foster interest in the new scientific and technological activities. The size and characteristics of the Turkish industry and its big markets offer excellent opportunities for global partnerships that can support the introduction of new technologies in commercial scale. WHEC2020 topics include, but are not limited to, the following:​
  • Alkaline Fuel Cells Components
  • Conventional Hydrogen Technologies and Applications
  • Countries Strategies / Associations / Assessments
  • Desulphurization Processes
  • Electrocatalysts / Electrodes (Fuel Cells and Electrolyzers)
  • Environmental Aspects and Impact of Hydrogen Energy Technologies
  • Exergoeconomics of Hydrogen Energy Applications
  • Fuel Cell Stacks
  • Fuel Cell Systems Modelling
  • Green Hydrogen
  • Heat Transfer Aspects of Hydrogen Energy
  • Historical Aspects of Hydrogen
  • Hydrogen Based Sustainability
  • Hydrogen Conversion Technologies
  • Hydrogen Economy / Commercialization / Codes and Standards
  • Hydrogen in Smart Grids
  • Hydrogen Management
  • Hydrogen Production: Bio Hydrogen / Bio Gasification
  • Hydrogen Production: Catalysts
  • Hydrogen Production: Electrolysis / Electrolyzers
  • Hydrogen Production: Fossil Sources
  • Hydrogen Production: Solar Hydrogen / Renewable Hydrogen
  • Hydrogen Properties / Safety / Sensors
  • Hydrogen Storage:  Chemical Carriers / Hydrides
  • Hydrogen Storage: Gas / Liquefaction
  • Hydrogen Strategies, Policies, and Roadmaps
  • Hydrogen Systems Modelling
  • Hydrogen Thermodynamics
  • Hydrogen Transportation
  • Hydrogen Tourism
  • Hydrogen Vehicles
  • Infrastructure Systems Modelling
  • Innovative Hydrogen Energy Processes and Technologies
  • Life Cycle Aspects of Hydrogen Energy
  • Micro-process Technologies
  • Molten Carbonates Fuel Cells Components
  • Nuclear Hydrogen
  • Other Fuel Cells Components
  • Other Applications of Hydrogen as a Fuel
  • Other Applications of Fuel Cells
  • Payback of Hydrogen-based Systems
  • PEM Fuel Cells Components
  • Pipelines / Hydrogen Infrastructure / Distribution / Filling Stations
  • Purification / Separation / Membranes
  • Renewable Hydrogen Technologies and Applications
  • Sectoral Hydrogen Applications
  • Solid Oxide Fuel Cells Components
  • Stationary Applications
  • Sustainable Hydrogen Technologies
  • Transportation and Aerospace Applications
  • Waste to Hydrogen Energy
Istanbul Congress Center

Istanbul Congress Center, Harbiye, Darülbedai Caddesi No:3, 34367 Şişli/İstanbul, Istanbul, 34367, Turkey

Organised by
Honorary Chair

T. Nejat Veziroglu, USA
John Sheffield, USA

Conference Chair

Ibrahim Dincer, Canada & Turkey

Executive Organizing Committee*

Can Ozgur Colpan, Turkey
Inci Eroglu, Turkey
Filiz Karaosmanoglu, Turkey
Adnan Midilli, Turkey
Bruno G. Pollet, Norway
Ramazan Solmaz, Turkey
Güngör Tuncer, Turkey
Mehmet Suha Yazici, Turkey
Ayfer Veziroglu, USA
Emre Veziroglu, USA

Organizing Committee*
Technical Committee

Can Ozgur Colpan (Chair), Turkey
Yusuf Bicer, Qatar
Yilser Devrim, Turkey
Mehmet Karakilcik, Turkey
Murat Ozturk, Turkey
Tahir A.H. Ratlamwala, Pakistan

Publications Committee

M. Akif Ezan (Chair), Turkey
Rami El-Emam, Austria
Farrukh Khalid, Qatar
Suha Orcun Mert, Turkey
Yunus Emre Yuksel, Turkey

Sponsorship and Exhibition Committee

Canan Acar (Chair), Turkey
M. Kaan Baltacıoğlu, Turkey
Nader Javani, Turkey

Events and Activities Committee

Inci Eroglu (Chair), Turkey

Media Relations Committee

Filiz Karaosmanoglu (Chair), Turkey
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