28th International Liquid Crystal Conference

24 - 29 July 2022, Lisbon, Portugal



International Liquid Crystal Conference, ILCC, meetings, have been held biennially under the sponsorship of the International Liquid Crystal Society since 1965. Postponed due to the pandemic, the 202 conference will be an excellent inclusive opportunity to discuss current issues and challenges, to support and appreciate the achievements of early-career researchers and young students.


A – Liquid Crystals in Biology and Active Matter
A1 – Instabilities, pattern formation and chaos, fibers
A2 – Biological and bio-inspired liquid crystals

B – Macromolecular Liquid Crystals
B1 – Nanostructured systems, supramolecules
B2 – Polymers, elastomers and gels
B3 – Photosensitive liquid crystals

C – Confined Liquid Crystals
C1 – Self-assembly, colloids
C2 – Frustrated phases and complex systems
C3 – Surfaces, confined systems and alignment control
C4 – Surfaces and nanostructures
C5 – Nanomaterials and nano-composites

D – Design of New Materials
D1 – Molecular design, synthesis and materials
D2 – Phases, structure and ordering
D3 – Symmetry, chirality, polarity and bent-core molecules, chromonics
D4 – Hydrogen-bonded systems
D5 – Nanomaterials and nano-composites
D6 – Photosensitive liquid crystals
D7 – Dielectric, ferroelectric and flexoelectric properties
D8 – Ferromagnetic liquid crystals

E – Mathematical Modelling, Symmetry and Topology
E1 – Phase transitions
E2 – Phase structures and defects
E3 – Dynamics and pattern formation
E4 – Theory, simulation and modeling
E5 – Topology
E6 – Hydrodynamics and rheology

F – Novel Applications
F1 – Biomedicine
F2 – Displays and devices
F3 – Optics and photonics
F4 – Electronics, energy and environment
F5 – Functional materials for devices, optical films, optical devices
F6 – Actuators and haptic devices
F7 – Conductive liquid crystals
F8 – LC lasers and nonlinear optical devices
F9 – Smart textiles


Plenary lecturers listed here: https://ilcc2022.org/plenary-lecturers/

Lisbon, More details coming soon, Lisbon, x, Portugal

Organised by


Maria Helena Godinho  (NOVA University of Lisbon)
Margarida Telo da Gama – Scientific Secretary (University of Lisbon)
Carlos Rodrigues da Cruz – Vice-chair (University of Lisbon)

Scientific Secretariat:

Pedro Marques de Almeida (ISEL Lisbon Polytechnic)


Teresa Cidade (NOVA University of Lisbon)
Susete Fernandes (NOVA University of Lisbon)


João Luis Figueirinhas (University of Lisbon)
Joaquim Moura Ramos  (University of Lisbon)
Paulo Teixeira (ISEL Lisbon Polytechnic)

Tutorial and Visits:

António C. Ribeiro (University of Lisbon)
Pedro Sebastião (University of Lisbon)

Other Members:

Ana Catarina Baptista (NOVA University of Lisbon)
Ana Catarina Trindade (NOVA University of Lisbon)
Catarina Leal (ISEL Lisbon Polytechnic)
Cecília Roque (NOVA University of Lisbon)
João Paulo Borges (NOVA University of Lisbon)
João Paulo Canejo (NOVA University of Lisbon)
João Paulo Casquilho (NOVA University of Lisbon)
João Sotomayor (NOVA University of Lisbon)
José Nuno Canongia Lopes (University of Lisbon)
José Maria Tavares (ISEL Lisbon Polytechnic)
Marta Corvo (NOVA University of Lisbon)
Pedro Patrício (ISEL Lisbon Polytechnic)
Pedro Silva (NOVA University of Lisbon)
Rafaela Raupp da Rosa (NOVA University of Lisbon)
Ricardo Chagas (NOVA University of Lisbon)
Ana Almeida (NOVA University of Lisbon)
Madalena Dionísio (NOVA University of Lisbon)
Nuno Monge (NOVA University of Lisbon)
Paula Soares (NOVA University of Lisbon)
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