Process Safety webinar Title - Process Risks and Mitigation,or How to Hold It All In

21 April 2020 15:00-16:00

The role of the Process Chemistry and Technology Group is to bring together scientists in the application of chemistry at industrial scale.  We help us to bridge the gap between process chemistry and technology, innovate and promote inclusion.  The PCTG is an interest group open to all members of the RSC. Find us at to find out more and join us.

Rob Peeling will be presenting the webinar on Process Safety.
Rob Peeling obtained a BSc in Chemical Engineering from UMIST in 1983. Joining Tioxide in the north-east of England, Rob developed high power thermal plasma heaters for titanium pigment manufacture followed by periods in process development and design before moving to plant operations with titanium pigment and organo-titanates and zirconates. In parallel, Rob developed skill and experience in process safety and as a hazard study leader.  From 2010 he lead an engineering research group developing new processes for refining platinum group metals and in 2016 moved to Britest as a innovation specialist, helping businesses to capture and develop process understanding based on fundamental scientific principles, field in which process safety remains a high priority.

The goal of responsible engineers and scientists is to reduce risk to below a societally acceptable level. This webinar will provide an awareness of process safety risks and their mitigation and some of the types of process hazards that can arise. A number of the most serious accidents and events that have occurred in the 20th century will be used as examples as a means to record the learning from these. We will discuss a range of techniques that can be applied to mitigate those risks and explain some of the means to reduce the consequences of a hazardous event.
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