Meet the Editor Online: Practical Tips for Manuscript Preparation

9 July 2020 16:00-16:50, Japan

RSC Meet the Editor Webinars provide researchers with a platform to interact and engage with the journal editors and international board members. Join us to make the best use of this time and be a part of the interactive discussions.

Join Professor Toshiharu Teranishi , Kyoto University, Japan and Associate Editor of the Royal Society of Chemistry's Chemical Science and Dr. Hiromitsu Urakami, RSC Japan Manager for Meet the Editor Online webinar on “Practical Tips for Manuscript Preparation”

This will be the second webinar of the 3 part series. The third webinar will be:

Meet the Editor Online: Current landscape of Open Access Publishing and RSC - 21st July, 16:00 – 16:50 JST, Hiromitsu Urakami (RSC Japan Manager)

The webinars are free to attend and would not only be beneficial to students and researchers pursuing chemical science but also for anybody wanting to develop their skills at any stage of their research career.

The slides are in English, but the Webinar will be given in Japanese.



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