Learnings from Developing a Multistage Flow API Process, a Chemists Perspective

22 June 2020 15:00-16:00, United Kingdom

The webinar will be held Monday 22nd June at 3 pm GMT on Gotowebinar.

Flow chemistry offers a number of potential advantages for pharmaceutical synthesis:
  • Enabling chemistry that is difficult to scale in batch.
  • Improved process control leading to better reproducibility.
  • Increased process velocity.
The webinar will present the “obvious in hindsight” challenges encountered in developing multistage continuous processes from the perspective of an organic chemist whilst highlighting some of the benefits and engineering solutions! No assumptions of prior experience of continuous reactors will be made! This webinar will not directly address regulatory implications.

The webinar will be presented by Dr Mark Hughes.  Mark has a D.Phil on Natural Product Total Synthesis from Oxford University. He has spent his career in a number of different roles as a Medicinal Chemist at Wyeth pharmaceuticals and then as a Synthetic Chemist with Smith Kline and French. Mergers and site moves at GSK took him into process chemistry, reaction modelling and eventually continuous processing.
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