Meet the Editor Online: At the interface of chemical sciences and engineering 编辑面对面:分子科学与工程

2 June 2020 14:30-16:00, China

To support scientific communication through Covid-19 and keep a strong connection with our community during this special period, we move the Meet the Editor event, our signature programme, to this online format. We hope to provide researchers and students with a platform to interact and engage with the journal editors and the Editorial Board members while you stay safe at your homes.

Reaction engineering leverages the interface where fundamental molecular chemistry meets chemical engineering and technology. Reaction Chemistry & Engineering (RCE) is a forum for members of the engineering and chemistry communities alike to come together in solving problems of importance to wider society. Molecular engineering employs experimental, theoretical and computational approaches to establish new understanding of molecular properties and behaviours, and uses this understanding to design and assemble better materials, systems, and processes to achieve specific functions. Molecular Systems Design & Engineering (MSDE) provides a hub for research into new understanding of molecular systems and the use of this understanding in applications of technological significance that help address global challenges.

This webinar will invite Professor Guangsheng Luo, Editorial Board member of Reaction Chemistry & Engineering, and Professor Yongye Liang, Editorial Board member of Molecular Systems Design & Engineering, to talk about their research and perspectives in this field. Dr. Guanqun Song, Editorial Development Manager, will talk about the tips on how to publish with RSC. Meanwhile, she will have the dialogue with the two professors on their understanding of the two journals and sharing their publishing experience.

Please note that while this webinar is free to attend, please register ahead of time to guarantee your place.


Scientific Talk: 20 mins, given by Professor Guosheng Luo
Q&A: 5 mins

Scientific Talk: 20mins, given by Professor Yongye Liang
Q&A: 5 mins

Publishing Talk: 30 mins, given by Dr. Guanqun Song
The publishing talk includes the dialogue with Professor Guangsheng Luo and Professor Yongye Liang, to get their opinions on the journals and their experiences in publishing.

Q&A: 10 mins


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