SCI talks - Why Li-ion Batteries Degrade & Lose Their Capacity - The Iliad & The Odyssey for Li ions

6 August 2020 16:00-17:00, United Kingdom

This year the battery industry marks the 29th anniversary of the launch of an energy storage game-changer: the Li-ion rechargeable battery (LIB). However, the present day market is actually quite complicated, as energy requirements have grown considerably in the magnitude and speed that their power needs delivery or renewal. As we continue to electrify the world, manufacturers are continuously evolving the material and chemical components inside batteries, because they have limited lifespans. Why is this? 

The talk will uncover the reasons behind capacity fade in lithium ion batteries, outlining just how complex the degradation can be. We will look at some of the sophisticated characterization techniques that have been developed, specifically to understand root causes of failure. This is vital to avoiding the safety incidents with lithium ion batteries, which we have witnessed in the media in recent years. Along with this, we introduce ways in which batteries can be analyzed whilst they are charging and discharging – so-called operando characterization. Such approaches are critical to advancing and evolving the advanced manufacturing of new battery materials.
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