Driving the Electric Car Market

15 October 2020 18:30-20:30, United Kingdom

Driving the electric car market - can chemistry alone make electric cars affordable, desirable and sustainable?

For widespread adoption in an effective low-emission transport system, electric cars will need scalable and sustainable battery chemistry which is integral to the car's design.  They also will need to meet consumer's needs regarding cost, performance & style.

This webinar will provide some insights about the chemistry, engineering and marketing of electric cars.

Our panellists are:
  • Andrew Abbott, Professor of Physical Chemistry at the University of Leicester and member of the Faraday Institute's RELIB Li-ion battery recycling project
  • Denis Gorman, Principal Engineer for Li-Ion Batteries at RLE Futuremotiv
  • James Morris, electric car journalist and editor of WhichEV.
Whether you're a chemist thinking of buying an EV or not, join the webinar to hear the discussion and to put your questions to the panel.

Webinar, United Kingdom

Organised by
RSC Marketing Group

Marketing Group is one of the RSC's interest groups run by members.  It arranges early evening talks with a general theme of "markets for chemistry", highlighting practical applications of chemicals and chemical services across the range of chemical disciplines, industry sectors and government activities. These talks are a great way of seeing what goes on in other parts of chemistry and what other chemists do for a living.
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