Turning CO2 into endless potential for the plastics industry

16 September 2020 12:30-13:30

Econic’s pioneering catalyst technology allows waste CO2 to be used as a feedstock in polymer manufacture, replacing up to 50% of traditional oil-based raw materials. By creating new value from waste CO2 for the plastics industry, Econic is building a future where a damaging greenhouse gas can be transformed into endless economic, performance and, of course, environmental benefit.

Dr Anthea Blackburn is a Senior Scientist at Econic Technologies, where she is a leader in the development of new generations of catalysts that facilitate the incorporation of CO2 into polymers, in addition to managing the PR activities of the company. She joined the Econic team in 2016 after completing her PhD in supramolecular chemistry at Northwestern University in 2015.
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