Webinar SMTG

16 September 2020 16:00-17:30, Online, United Kingdom

Webinar on Coupling hydrogen production with carbon capture, utilisation & storage
by Professor Marting Trusler (Imperial College London)

Carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS), and hydrogen production from natural gas with CCUS, are key technologies in the drive to decarbonise power, heat and transport. In these processes gas separations are crucial along with blending, compression, dehydration, transportation and geological storage. Numerous complex mixtures arise and it is necessary to model the thermodynamic properties of these for purposes of process design and optimisation. This webinar will introduce processes for ‘blue’ hydrogen production coupled with CCUS, review thermodynamic models for relevant mixtures, and present a deep dive into one experimental project carried out at Imperial on the thermodynamics of geological carbon storage in saline aquifers.
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Online Webinar, Online, Online, Online, United Kingdom

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Statistical Mechanics and Thermodynamics Group
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