Particle Dispersion in Liquid Formulation

16 December 2020 09:45-17:30, United Kingdom

The performance of liquid formulations is often controlled by the particles which they contain and many formulated products go through a liquid stage where the behaviour of the particles in the liquid while dispersed in the liquid state will determine the ulimate performance of the final solid form.  The challenges come from the limited understanding of the processes which control the final state of the particles and the challenges of characterisation of particles whether as raw ingredients, in formulated product or final product state.
These challenges are not limited to one type of formulated product or one industry: so we are asking industrialists to present posters on their formulated products to allow others to learn from other industries and potentially contribute to solutions which will allow another industry to more forward.
Many techniques of particle characterisation exist and so we are asking equipment manufactures, industrial users and academic experts to present posters on the use of existing equipment to provide characterisation information which enable product formulation and quality control.

United Kingdom

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RSC Formulation Science and Technology Interest Group
RSC Particle Characterisation Interest Group
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