"Indoor living and working: From toxic gas and particle detection towards abatement solutions"

26 November 2020 09:00-13:00, United Kingdom

Hazardous air constituents such as gases and smallest particles occur in private homes as well as in passenger cabins, machine housings and in offices and production areas. Toxic particles (e.g. metal particles of nickel) and vapours (e.g. VOC, NOx, aldehydes), invisible to the naked eye, are additionally emitted during material processing in industrial production - such as laser cutting, welding, additive manufacturing or battery production. Modern solutions for indoor air as free of pollutants and unpolluted as possible are therefore highly relevant topics with enormous social and economic implications. The use of new filter technologies - not least to minimize the effects of the Covid 19 pandemic - can also be a proven tool in the fight against viruses and bacteria in indoor environments.

The online workshop will focus on innovative filter technologies and materials designed to ensure the retention of these substances. This topic will be supplemented by novel detection and monitoring systems of indoor pollutants for all-round protection.

You are invited to take advantage of the online workshop to meet national and international experts from research and industry and discuss the latest developments and research approaches concerning the issue of air purification. One of our central priorities is to promote the cooperation of all stakeholders in this field.

This is why you are welcome to participate:

Current and relevant topic: indoor air quality
Scientific exchange between representatives from industry and business
Presentation and discussion of new approaches

Our online workshop addresses:

Manufacturers of chemical components for coating systems (paints, varnishes, fillers etc.)
Manufacturers of components and systems for gas filtration
Manufacturers of gas detectors and particle measurement technology
Interested parties from the field of occupational safety and environmental protection in various branches of industry (additive manufacturing, material refinement and coating, etc.)
Manufacturers of sorbents and adsorbents

We are looking forward to your participation.
Fraunhofer IWS Dresden

Fraunhofer IWS Dresden, United Kingdom

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