RSC Desktop Seminars with Brazilian Chemical Society Organic Chemistry Division (29 Sept)

29 September 2020 11:30-13:00, Brazil

RSC Desktop Seminars in Organic Chemistry with the Brazilian Chemical Society 2020 are an initiative from the Royal Society of Chemistry and the Brazilian Chemical Society to bring cutting-edge research directly to you!
Covid-19 has exposed us to a new reality where the virtual world is much more important than before. In order to keep our students engaged at the frontiers of Organic Chemistry, we have organized a weekly webinar series that is a joint collaboration between the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) and the Organic Chemistry Division of the Brazilian Chemical Society (SBQ). It is an alternative way to share work and interact with potential collaborators.
The sections will alternate between Brazilian and international speakers, in some cases with the opportunity for a selected Brazilian early career researcher to engage with the audience by presenting their recent independent career developments.


11:30 Introductions and welcome
11:35 Early Career presentation with Q&A
11:55 Main Speaker with Q&A
12:55 Closing remarks
13:00 Close


Prof Dr Luiz Claudio Almeida Barbosa
Advances in tetronamide chemistry: synthesis of natural and unnatural bioactive compounds

Tetronamides represent an important class of β-heterosubstituted butenolides that have attracted growing attention from synthetic and medicinal chemists alike. Some tetronamides display significant biological activities as the antitumor antibiotic basidalin, a metabolite first isolated in 1983 from the fungus Leucoagaricus naucina, and the newly marketed systemic insecticide flupyradifurone.  As a consequence, several approaches and methods for the synthesis of the tetronamides, and their structural modifications, have been developed. In this talk, it will be presented and discussed some of the methods for the preparation of natural and non-natural tetronamides. It will also be covered the results of efforts from our research group towards the discovery of new synthetic tetronamides with potential use as agrochemicals.

Prof Dr Jefferson Princival 
Improving biocatalytic process for sustainable conversion of small polyfunctional building blocks

The demand for chemoenzymatic process, aiming at the synthesis of chemically important intermediates, has seen a significant growth worldwide. One of such, the use of isolated enzymes, is of particular interest since they can promote selective transformations of sensitive organic molecules. Herein, will be shown sustainable approaches for the Regio- and Chemo-selective biotransformation of substituted propargylic alcohols and (2-hydroxy)-2-substituted furans. For the later, where (E)-hydroxy-masked-4-oxohex-2-enoic acids were efficiently prepared, a lipase/laccase-catalyzed strategy has been applied for a scalable preparation of the enantiopure bioactive natural compound Clonostachydione.
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