Book Launch: Challenges for Health and Safety in Higher Education and Research Organisations

4 December 2020 17:00-19:00, United Kingdom

The event will be held on MS Teams. Please register via Eventbrite page. It is an informal event to celebrate the book launch! All attendees will be provided with a 25% discount code to purchase the book!

The book Challenges for Health and Safety in Higher Education and Research Organisation contains 18 chapters: ‚Äč
  1. Introduction to Challenges for Health and Safety in Research by Olga Kuzmina and Stefan Hoyle
  2. Managing Legal Risks in an Uncertain Environment by Philip Crosbie
  3. The EU and Safety Management in Higher Education by Dick Hoeneveld
  4. Stress and Workplace Wellbeing in a Higher Education and Research Organisation by Monica Kanwar
  5. Educate Don't Indoctrinate: Planning and Delivering Training and Support for Workplaces with High Staff Turnover by Derek Healy and Patrick O'Leary
  6. Laboratory Safety for Undergraduate Chemistry Students by Laura Hancock, Martin Hollamby and Graham Jones
  7. The Medical School: Managing Safety in Medical Education by Diane Thomason, Trisha Brown and Heather Combe
  8. Safety Outside of the Classroom by Peter Coulahan
  9. How to Do Health and Safety Right from the Beginning by Mehriban Akin, Jeremy Presland, Janet Brownlees, Eimear Howley, Sebastien Gillotin, Tjasa Lepko, Vinita Jagannath and Fiona Marshall
  10. The Role of Technical Staff in Maintaining Good Health and Safety by Jane Hubble, Heather Sheeley and Alice Gallagher
  11. Liaising with the Emergency Services by Jane Blunt
  12. When the Walls Come Down: Secrets of Open Space Safety by Tanya Aspinall and Robert Derbyshire
  13. Health and Safety Considerations in Design of Teaching and Research Laboratories by Louis DiBerardinis
  14. Innovation Spaces: the New Campus Risk Paradigm by Tolga Durak
  15. Translation of Safety from University Research to Spin-out by Surrinder Johal and Ana Pedrero-Llamas
  16. Please Throw it Away: Dealing with Legacy Chemicals, Equipment, and Infrastructure Safely by Charles Harrison
  17. Green and Sustainable Whilst Avoiding Risks by Heather Sheeley
  18. Organise Not Agonise – Getting the Best from Audits and Inspections by Julia Cotton

United Kingdom

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