Cost-efficient and Green Manufacturing of Peptides thanks to Molecular Hiving™ Technology

26 November 2020 09:00-11:00, United Kingdom


HOSTED BY: Bachem Group
LED BY: Dr. Wolfgang Seufert, Director Production III – Process Development, Bachem

Molecular Hiving™ is a tag-assisted liquid-phase peptide synthesis technology developed by Professor Kazuhiro Chiba at Tokyo University of Technology and Agriculture. This technology uses a hydrophobic tag, which is applied in the same way as the resin for solid-phase peptide synthesis (SPPS) processes. The same standard Fmoc amino acid derivatives as for SPPS are applied for assembling the peptide chain. However, all couplings and cleavages of the Fmoc protecting group are performed in solution allowing for fast reactions and direct in-process controls, e.g. by HPLC. Excess reagents as well as coupling and cleavage related by-products are solely removed by aqueous extractions. Therefore, intermediate isolation of the tag-bound peptide and excessive washing steps are not required for Molecular Hiving™ Technology.
In this webinar, the speaker will guide you through the individual steps for synthesis of peptides applying Molecular Hiving™ Technology. You will learn about the scalability and the substantial advantages of this technology regarding efficiency and towards greener manufacturing, as solvent consumption and material requirements are significantly reduced compared to conventional SPPS processes. Molecular Hiving™ also allows the synthesis of peptides without the use of solvents and reagents which are carcinogenic, mutagenic, or toxic to reproduction (CMR substances). This makes peptide products manufactured by this technology highly attractive for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry.

Benefits for Joining the Webinar:

Hear about Bachem’s partnership with Jitsubo
Discover how to synthesize peptides by Molecular Hiving™ Technology
Explore the advantages and the environmental benefits of Molecular Hiving™ Technology
Learn about manufacture of peptides without CMR solvents and reagents

Who should attend?

Scientists in Pharma, Biotech, Cosmetics industry, and Universities including:
Research Scientists and Associates
PostDocs and PhDs
Scientific Advisors
Directors of Research and DevelopmentOther Professionals in the Life Sciences including Product Managers and Marketing Managers

United Kingdom

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