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Schools' Analyst Competition 2021

26 April - 28 May 2021, United Kingdom

Although we still need to maintain social distancing we are keen to keep the Schools' Analyst Competition going in 2021.

Apply now for the opportunity to have a competition kit sent directly to your school. The kit will allow you to host your own event for up to thirty students, with certificates and prizes for the winning team. Students competing should be in Year 12 in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, S5 in Scotland or Year 5 in Republic of Ireland.

Your students will work in teams of three to identify the contents of waste barrels found abandoned by a river in the fictional town of Allvale. Teams will be required to carry out some background research followed by a lab session in which they carry out their analyses. Each school will be able to annouce a winning team and to present the winners with a certificate and prize. Winning entries will be entered into a regional competition, where the best overall entry will also win a prize for their school.

To host the competition you will only need standard school labware. All standards and samples will be provided by us along with a full copy of all safety information.

EXTENDED DEADLINE: 26th March - please register using the link provided.

Schools chosen to host the competitions will be informed by Monday 29th March and competition kits will be delivered by Monday 26th April. All results must be submitted by Friday 28th May. The winners will be announced during the following week.

Please note: To ensure the application process is an equitable as possible, all schools and colleges in the UK and RoI are eligible to apply for a competition kit. Confirmation of application is not confirmation you will receive a competition kit - successful applicants will be informed by Monday 29th March and must confirm their intention to host by return email. Kits will be distributed by random selection ensuring an even distribution across all areas. For more information please contact the host using the link provided below.

United Kingdom

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RSC Analytical Division and the Analytical Chemistry Trust Fund
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