The Chemistry of Social Success

3 June 2021 18:00-19:00, United Kingdom

Introverts make massive contributions to society but often it’s the extraverts who are celebrated. Gregarious people might appear to have an advantage in getting ahead, putting themselves forward at the expense of those who are more reserved. We will discuss some myths about introversion and how we can deploy our natural traits to succeed more at social, career and business networking than natural extroverts, without putting on a mask, forcing jollity or trying to change our fundamental nature.
Bill Mair completed an Honours degree in Modern Languages at St Andrews at 34 years old and then spent almost 20 years in local government, initially in the Libraries Service, ideal for his introverted character. He then moved to a liaison role, promoting local government services to the business community. His journey in networking and public speaking has been from terrified to triumphant. He now represents businesses in print and in person and teaches presentation skills. He loves to share the tips and secrets he has learned for an introvert to excel in an alien environment.

United Kingdom

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Royal Society of Chemistry Management Group
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