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A-Level Revision: Mathematics in Sixth Form Chemistry: Building Confidence.

9 March 2021 19:00-20:00, United Kingdom

This event is by invitation only

An online lecture for Sixth Form Students.

This presentation will focus on revising some of the key mathematical skills required for A-Level Chemistry. This will include skills and topics such as calculating and converting units, significant figures, decimal places, standard form, the Avogadro number, percentage yields, calculations using algebra, logarithmic functions, using and constructing graphs to determine chemical quantities, determining uncertainties and the Arrhenius expression.
A range of example questions will be shown, demonstrating the use of some of the key skills outlined above. The presentation will also include a brief illustration of how mathematical concepts such as trigonometry and calculus are key extensions to undergraduate chemistry.
Sponsorship & supporting organisations
The Royal Society of Chemistry

Online, United Kingdom

Organised by
The West Midlands Chemistry Teachers' Centre
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