2021 RSC - Xiamen University Emerging Investigator Forum ꟷ Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Chemistry and Materials Science

22 - 23 May 2021, Xiamen, China

The Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) is committed to connecting the world of science to advance chemical knowledge for a better future. One of our aims is to support and nurture the careers of our members and chemists around the world.
In 2019, with the purposes to support emerging and early career researchers, we initiated the 1st RSC Emerging Investigator Forum in Xiangshan, Beijing. This year, to celebrate 100th anniversary of Xiamen University, we are delighted to co-organize 2021 Emerging Investigator Forum with Xiamen University in May from 22 to 23.
The forum will take place over the course of two days and comprise of scientific sessions, round table discussions and social networking activities. Participation in this forum is by invitation only and will be restricted to around 40-50 emerging and early career researchers. We encourage active debates and discussions in the field of artificial intelligence applied to chemistry and materials science. The following sub-topics will be encompassed:
  • Machine learning assisted materials design and discovery
  • Machine learning for catalysis and energy applications
  • Artificial intelligence applied to spectroanalysis
  • The utilization of machine learning and automony in industry 
If you wish to be part of this exciting opportunity to develop your network and contribute to the discussions, please submit your CV (your CV should include your education background, research area and achievements) through the online submission portal. All submissions will be evaluated and you will be notified of the outcome soon. Please note all submissions will be treated in the strictest confidence.
Xiamen University

Xiamen University, Xiamen University, Xiamen, 361005, China

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