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An Introductory Course to Three-­Dimensional Electron Diffraction

12 April 2021 13:00 - 15 April 2021 17:30, United Kingdom


Three-­dimensional electron diffraction (3DED) is a powerful method for structure determination of nano and submicron sized crystals. It overcomes the fundamental drawback of single crystal X­-ray diffraction, where large crystals are indispensable. More and more studies in the fields of porous materials, such as metal­organic frameworks, covalent organic frameworks, and zeolites, have been using 3DED to determine the structures.

Here, we offer a free ED course where you can learn more details about how to collect, process and use 3DED data for structure elucidation. As a fast and reliable technique, we believe 3DED will become a widespread characterization method for developing new materials, understanding structure–property relationships and exploring new applications.

There is envisaged to be around 2 hours of lectures per day, with plenty of additional time for practice, and questions for the organisers. A preliminary schedule may be found below.

Day 1. Introduction and theoretical background of electron diffraction. Day 2. 3DED data collection and 3DED data processing. Day 3. Structure solution and refinement using 3DED data. Day 4. Discussion about common difficulties in treating 3DED data.

A more in-depth program will be available shortly at


United Kingdom

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RSC Porous Materials Interest Group
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