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Design and Function of Stimuli Responsive Nanocomposites

20 May 2021 08:50 - 21 May 2021 15:40, Dublin, Ireland

The two day Design and Function of Stimuli Responsive Nanocomposites Symposium aims to bring together leading research scientists and technologists to exchange and share their experiences and recent results on all aspects of responsive nanocomposites.

Scope of the conference:
Smart and responsive functional nanocomposites continue to be a huge focus of scientific effort worldwide due to their huge applications potential, some of which has already been realised particularly in biomedicine for cancer treatments and biomolecule/drug delivery. Bulk nanocomposite responses can be engineered through precise physicochemical modifications across multiple length scales to provide responses to electric and/or magnetic fields, temperature, salt, pH and light. This can lead to multifunctional and stimuli-sensitive nanocomposites delivery systems with spatial-, temporal- and dosage-controlled release properties.
We invite research scientists and technologists working on all aspects of design, function, fabrication, structuration and applications of nanocomposite systems to participate in the meeting.

Symposium programme is now attached. 

Invited speakers include:
Prof. Olivier Sandre, University of Bordeaux, Bordeaux 
Prof. Silvia Marchesan, Univesity of Trieste, Trieste
Prof. Erik Reimhult, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna
Prof. Walter Richtering, RWTH Aachen University, Aachen
Prof. Nébéwia Griffete, Sorbonne Univesity, Paris
Prof. Andreas Heise, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI), Dublin

Registration is now open via the provided link:

Registration for this meeting is free of charge, however is compulsory for managing the platform for the number of participants. ​Final registration will finish on the 14th of May and there are still free spaces available. 

Call for Papers 
Under the patronage of Molecular Systems Design & Engineering (MSDE) and Nanoscale journals we would like to encourage conference attendees to consider submission of their work related to the symposium to these journals. Following discussion with the RSC we can confirm that they will consider a themed collection of articles, subject to there being sufficient take-up, and provisionally with a manuscript deadline submission set for December 2021. Please email (copy if you would like to express interest. Note that submissions must meet the usual scope and quality criteria for the journals and all submissions will undergo an initial assessment to determine whether they will be sent out for peer review.

This meeting is supported by the Royal Society of Chemistry grant number S19-0365 and by University College Dublin. 
Sponsorship & supporting organisations
This meeting is supported by the Royal Society of Chemistry grant number S19-0365, by the Royal Society of Chemistry Molecular Systems Design & Engineering (MSDE) & Nanoscale journals and by the University College Dublin. 

School of Chemistry, University College Dublin, Belfield, Dublin, D04 N2E5, Ireland

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