Postgraduate Symposium XV - Biological and Medicinal Chemistry Symposium for Postgraduates 2021

10 December 2021 10:00-16:25, United Kingdom



This virtual meeting will comprise of a webinar featuring oral and poster presentations from PhD students and post-doctoral workers researching in biological or medicinal chemistry. In addition, the agenda will feature invited keynote speakers from industry and academia. Posters with audio commentaries will be hosted on a dedicated webpage. There will be an opportunity for registered delegates to interact with the poster presenters on the day of the webinar via the GrapeVine platform. The call for abstracts has now closed.


Registration is now closed.


The judges will be awarding prizes of £500 for the best oral presentation and £250 for the best poster. These will be announced at the end of the webinar.

Twitter: #campostgrad21

Outline Programme

Posters with recorded audio commentaries will be available online from Monday, 6th December.

The webinar on Friday 10th December will consist of ten oral presentations delivered live (eight postgraduate and two keynote). Each 15-minute postgraduate talk will be followed by 5 minutes for questions.  In each session there will also be a 20-minute keynote talk from an industrial or academic chemist. The call for abstract submissions has now closed.

There will be an opportunity for registered delegates to interact with the poster presenters between webinar sessions via the GrapeVine platform.

Friday, 10th December

10.00 Welcome, opening remarks and online housekeeping announcement
John Skidmore, University of Cambridge, UK
First session
Session Chair:  John Skidmore, University of Cambridge, UK and Mary Wheldon, University of Dundee, UK

10.10 Discovery of NEK9 Degraders Using a Proteomics-Based Screening Approach
 Will Darlow, The Institute of Cancer Research, UK
10.30 Discovering Novel Antibody Recruiting Molecules Against LOX-1 Using DNA-Encoded Library Technology
Katherine MacFarlane, University of Strathclyde, UK
10.50 A Chemical Proteomics Approach to Reveal Cellular Targets of Anti-Protozoan Products
Jack White, University of Leeds, UK
11.10 Cyclic Structures for DNA-Encoded Libraries
Harriet Stanway-Gordon, Newcastle University, UK
11.30 Keynote lecture - Discovery of Novel Maize Selective Acetyl-CoA Carboxylase Inhibitors
Liz Jones, Syngenta 

12.00 Lunch break and networking with poster presenters (via Grapevine)
Second session
Session Chair: Katherine Jones, Charles River, UK and Nadia Ahmad, Charles River, UK

14.00 Brief introduction, announcements, and housekeeping reminde
Katherine Jones, Charles River, UK
14.05 Design and synthesis of bifunctional molecules for directing phosphorylation
Charlie Robertson, Institute of Cancer Research, UK
14.25 The Development of Dual-Modality (PET/NIR) Immunoconjugates for Image-Guided Sarcoma Surgery:
Toni Pringle, Newcastle University, UK
14.45 Discovery, Characterisation and Engineering of Ligases for Amide Synthesis
Michael Rowlinson, University of Manchester, UK
15.05 Development of probes to study epigenetic processes in parasites
Darius McArdle, University of Oxford, UK
15.25 Keynote lecture - How Best to Explore Chemical Space for Bioactive Molecular Discovery?

Adam Nelson, RFI, Leeds
15.55 Closing remarks
Dave Alker, David Alker Associates
16.10 Announcement of prize-winners
Dave Alker, David Alker Associates
16.25 Close


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