7th International Fall School on Organic Electronics (IFSOE-2021)

12 - 16 September 2021, Moscow, Russian Federation

The School will cover the following topics:

Fundamentals of organic electronics: charge transport, modeling, photophysics, etc.
Design and synthesis of materials for organic electronics: organic conductors and semiconductors, dielectrics, substrates, etc.
Organic field effect transistors: single crystals, polymer and monolayer OFETs, integrated circuits and related devices.
Organic light emitting devices: OLEDs and OLETs, white light-emitting devices, TADF devices, organic lasers.
Organic and hybrid solar cells: small molecules and polymer photovoltaics, tandem cells, perovskites-based photovoltaics, etc.
Organic sensors: physical (pressure, temperature, photo, etc.) sensors, chemo- and biosensors.
Characterization techniques: various spectroscopy, microscopy, and x-ray scattering techniques, charge mobility measurements, thermal and surface analysis, HOMO and LUMO evaluation, biomedical applications, etc.
Technologies of organic electronics: printing of organic materials and devices, roll-to-roll techniques, ink formulations, encapsulation, etc.
Sponsorship & supporting organisations
The General Sponsor RSF (Russian Science Foundation)

Organizing partner Printeltech LLC

Technical partner Eklogit LLC
Soyuz Hotel

Профсоюзная, 70, стр.1, Soyuz Hotel, Moscow region, Istrinskiy district, Moscow, 117393, Russian Federation

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