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UK Colloids 2021 (online)

19 July 2021 09:00 - 21 July 2021 16:30, United Kingdom

The Royal Society of Chemistry's Colloid and Interface Science Group and the SCI's Colloid and Surface Chemistry Group jointly present this year's multi-day UK Colloids event. Our flagship event has just been postponed to July 2023, so this year's event will be entirely online.


This page will be updated continually as the programme evolves. Presentations and panels will be held by GoToMeeting. At the same time on Zoom, we will have rooms for ad hoc meetings and as social spaces.
  • Session 1: “Colloids and nanostructures for sustainable technologies”
    • Monday, 19 July 2021, 9:00–12:00
    • Running order:
      • 9:00–9:10 Welcome from the chairs, explanation of how session will run
      • 9:10–9:45 Keynote from Chiara Neto (University of Sydney) “Nanobubbles explain the large slip observed on lubricant-infused surfaces” + Q&A
      • 9:45–10:05 Three five-minute contributed flash presentations + 5 minutes joint Q&A
        • Jiaxin Hou (University of Manchester) “Coarse-grain modelling of colloidal cellulosic liquid crystal self-assembly”
        • Thomas Parton (University of Cambridge) “Chiral doping of a colloidal liquid crystal phase in cellulose nanocrystal suspensions”
        • Anusuya Pal (University of Warwick/Worcester Polytechnic Institute) “Pattern formation in drying bio-colloidal droplets”
      • 10:05–10:15 break
      • 10:15–10:40 Bruno Frka-Petesic (University of Cambridge) “Creating an illusion of depth in self-assembled cellulose nanocrystal films”
      • 10:40–11:05 Nick Ballard (POLYMAT) “On-line control of the particle morphology of polymers colloids” + Q&A
      • 11:05–11:15 break
      • 11:15–11:35 Three five-minute contributed flash presentations + 5 minutes joint Q&A
        • Sameh El Sayed (University of Birmingham) “Enzyme-Degradable Polyion-Complex (PIC) Particles for the delivery of antimicrobial peptide polymyxin B”
        • Farzana Kousar (University of Otago) “Modification of Stainless Steel by Grafting of Poly(ethylene glycol) Copolymers for Reduction in Protein Adsorption and Bacterial Adhesion”
      • 11:35–12:00 Silvia Marchesan (University of Trieste) “Superstructure assembly applied to biomedicine, catalysis and separation” + Q&A
      • 12:00 close
    • Session chairs:
      • Ahu Gumrah Parry (University of Manchester)
      • Stefan Bon (University of Warwick)
  • Session 2: “Colloids for energy”
    • Monday, 19 July 2021, 13:00–15:30
    • Running order:
      • 13:00–13:10 Welcome from the organisers, explanation of the format
      • 13:10–13:35 Serena Cussen (née Corr) (University of Sheffield) “Nanomaterials for energy storage: though they be but little, they are fierce” + 5 minutes’ Q&A
      • 13:35–13:55 Three five-minute flash presentations + 5 minutes’ joint Q&A
        • Gina Moody (University of Bristol) “The effects of pressure and shear upon the self-assembly of reverse micelles in non-aqueous media”
        • Ilona Serafin (University of Bristol) “High-temperature surfactancy for cleanliness in modern engines”
        • David Fairhurst (Colloid Consultants, Ltd.) “Application of LF-NMR Relaxation to Determine the Hansen Solubility Parameter (HSP) of Polymerics and Colloidal Particles”
      • 13:55–14:05 break
      • 14:05–14:30 Mark Bissett (University of Manchester) “Colloidal 2D nanomaterials for energy storage” + 5 minutes’ Q&A
      • 14:30–14:50 Three five-minute flash presentations + 5 minutes’ joint Q&A
        • Mike Evans (University of Leeds) “Ghost-patterning and non-patterning in a draining film model”
        • Clare Rees-Zimmerman (University of Cambridge) “Stratification in drying films: the competing effects of diffusion and diffusiophoresis”
        • Isobel Priest (Croda) “Polymeric dispersants and their use in battery slurries”
      • 14:50–15:00 break
      • 15:00–15:25 Emma Kendrick (University of Birmingham) “Colloids in Li ion battery electrode manufacture” + 5 minutes’ Q&A
      • 15:25–15:30 final remarks and close
    • Session chairs:
      • Pete Shaw (Synthomer, retired)
      • Gemma-Louise Davies (UCL)
      • Chris Blanford (University of Manchester)
  • Session 3: Early career researchers in colloid and surface science
    • Tuesday, 20 July 2021, 9:30–12:00
    • Five-minute contributed unthemed flash presentations
    • Part 1 (9:30–10:35)
      • Dominic Gray (University of Liverpool) “Degradable dual-responsive core-shell nanogels”
      • Minjun Chen (Loughborough University) “Fabrication and optimisation of polyethylene glycol diacrylate microparticles using Lego®-inspired microfluidic device”
      • Rohani Abu Bakar (University of Surrey) “Synthesis and optimization of novel acrylic copolymers for ultraviolet- crosslinkable pressure-sensitive adhesives”
      • Bernhard Schmidt (University of Glasgow) “Aqueous multi‐phase systems and stimulus sensitive water‐in‐water emulsions”
      • James Tinkler (Loughborough University) “Role of particle interactions on the assembly of drying colloidal mixtures”
      • Effran Mizrad Rafael (University of Manchester) “Response Times in Field-induced Uniaxial-to-Biaxial Nematics Switching of Hard Colloidal Cuboids”
      • Timothy Murdoch (Loughborough University) “Tracking colloidal suspension drying with fluoresent lifetime imaging”
      • Josh Booth (University of Warwick) “Thermoresponsive icy road sign by light scattering and enhanced fluorescence”
      • Edwin Johnson (University of Sheffield) “Robust modelling techniques give confidence in unexpected profiles of copolymer brushes as measured by neutron reflectometry”
    • Part 2 (10:45–12:00)
      • Clarissa Harman (UCL) “Investigating the growth of SPIONs@SiO2 nanoparticles using design of experiments”
      • Caty Marsden (Loughborough University) “Synthesising macromolecular imaging agents”
      • Andreas Neophytou (University Birmingham) “Self-assembly of colloidal photonic crystals robust to stacking faults”
      • Samia Ouhajji (Leiden University) “3D printed viscotactic microswimmers”
      • Adhip Rahman (University of Bristol) “Surfactant–solvent chemical optimization”
      • Naval Singh (Loughborough University) “Reversible trapping of colloids in continuous flows past grooved microchannels by diffusiophoresis”
      • Georgios Papoutsidakis (UCD) “High-resolution ultrasonic spectroscopy as a tool for the in-situ monitoring of the enzymatic hydrolysis of food polymers”
      • Beatrice Jones (University of Cambridge) “Light-responsive lyotropic liquid crystal dispersions for controlled release”
      • Homa Sadeghzadeh (Michigan State University) “Study of stability and fluidity of octadecyl phosphonic acid Langmuir-Blodgett monolayer through subphase control”
      • Shi Zhang (CNRS-Solvay-Université Bordeaux 1) “Catalysis at gas-liquid-solid interface in the presence of oil foams”
    • Session chairs
      • Guido Bolognesi (Loughborough University)
      • Michael Cook (University of Hertfordshire)
      • Lee Fielding (University of Manchester)
      • David Growney (Lubrizol Corporation)
  • Session 4: “Women in colloid and surface science”
    • Tuesday, 20 July 2021, 13:00–14:00
    • Format: “Coffee session” in which women in colloidal science informally discuss their journeys
    • Discussion leaders
      • Surita Bhatia (Stonybrook University)
      • Aline Miller (University of Manchester and Manchester BIOGEL)
      • Annela Seddon (University of Bristol)
    • Session chair: Fiona Hatton (University of Loughborough)
  • Session 5: “Rheology and gels”
    • Tuesday, 20 July 2021, 14:00–16:30
    • Running order:
      • 14:00–14:40: keynote from Surita Bhatia (Stonybrook University) “Teaching old biomaterials new tricks: Engineering crystallinity and thermoreversibility into polymeric gels”
      • 14:40–15:00: three flash presentations + 5-minutes Q&A
        • James Hallett (University of Oxford) “Deep Eutectic Solvents: Green and Slippery”
        • Ian Williams (University of Surrey) “Quantitative visualisation of latex coagulation gelation”
        • Anish Gulati (RWTH Aachen) “Viscosity modifiers in non-aqueous formulations”
      • 15:00–15:10: break
      • 15:10–15:50: keynote from Michael Solomon (University of Michigan) “Rheology of colloidal gels with embedded active matter”
      • 15:50–16:10: three flash presentations + 5-minutes Q&A
        • Nabanita Hazra (RWTH Aachen) “Capillary Driven Self-Assembly of Ellipsoidal Composite Microgels at the Air/Water Interface”
        • Ottavia Bellotto (University of Trieste) “Bioinspired dipeptides’ assembly into hydrogels”
        • Sébastien Andrieux (University of Strasbourg) “Drainage and stability of solidifying hydrogel films: towards an understanding of pore opening mechanism in hydrogel foams”
      • 16:10: closing remarks from the chairs
    • Session chairs:
      • Fiona Hatton (University of Loughborough)
      • Aline Miller (University of Manchester and Manchester BIOGEL)
  • Session 6: “Polymers in liquid formulations”
    • Wednesday, 21 July 2021, 9:30–12:00
    • Running order:
      • 9:30–9:40 Jenny Lovell (Royal Society of Chemistry)
      • 9:40–10:15 Sylvain Caillol (Institute Charles Gerhardt CNRS, University of Montpellier) “From natural phenols to high properties sustainable polymers: A platform approach”
      • 10:15–10:50 Timothy Murdoch (Loughborough University) “A little polymer goes a long way: Multifunctional polymers in lubricants and coatings”
      • 10:50–11:25 Giovanna Laudisio (Naturbeads) “Cellulose microbeads, a biodegradable alternative to plastic microbeads – from laboratory to commercialization”
      • 11:25–ca. 12:00 Panel discussion on sustainable use of polymers in liquid formulations
    • Session chair: Nacho Martin Fabrini
  • Annual General Meeting of the RSC's Colloid and Interface Science Group and the SCI's Colloid and Interface Chemistry Group
    • Wednesday, 21 July 2021, 13:00–14:00
    • Joining information here:
  • Session 7: Rideal award lecture and panel discussion
    • Wednesday, 21 July 2021, 14:00–16:30
    • Session dedicated to the 2020 winner of the groups' Rideal Award and Lecture, presented to Colin Bain (University of Durham)
    • Running order:
      • 14:00 Start of session, introduction to award and to its 2020 awardee
      • 14:10 Rideal award lecture
      • 14:50 Award presentation
      • 15:00 Break
      • 15:10 Panel discussion on “Career paths for colloid and surface scientists”
        • Colin Bain
        • Anju Booker (Durham University)
        • Andy Ward (Rutherford Appleton Laboratory)
        • Anna Angus-Smyth (EPSRC)
      • 16:20 Concluding remarks and close
All times British Summer Time (UTC+1)

Abstract submission for flash presentations

Abstract submission closed on Thursday, 8 July 2021. We will email decisions by 15 July.

Registration costs

Online delivery plus the generous donation of our organisers' and speakers' time means that we can run this three-day event for a nominal cost. Registration grants access to all events.
  • Student RSC/SCI/IOP members: £5
  • Students not members of RSC/SCI/IOP: £10
  • RSC/SCI/IOP members: £10
  • All others: £20
If you are retired or on a reduced income, please email for a discount code.

Presentation prizes

The chairs of each session will award at least one of the contributed five-minute talks a prize of £50 + their choice of books from the RSC publication, including:
  • “Materials Design Inspired by Nature: Function Through Inner Architecture” Peter Fratzl, John W.C. Dunlop, Richard Weinkamer (eds)
  • “Surface Chemistry of Colloidal Nanocrystals” Ana Luísa Daniel-da-Silva, Tito Trindade
  • “Polymer Colloids: Formation, Characterization and Applications” Rodney Priestley, Robert Prud'homme (eds)
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