Thomas Young Centre webinar: David Joseph Srolovitz

3 June 2021 15:00-16:00, United Kingdom

Allotropic phase transformations may be driven by the application of stress – this is especially well-known for pressure-driven transformations. Recent advances in strengthening materials allow for the application of very large shear stresses as well - opening up vast new regions of stress space. The presence of shear implies that phase transformations depend upon the full stress tensor and crystal/grain orientation. We propose a crystal thermodynamics framework for describing phase transformations in polycrystalline solids and apply it through non-linear elasticity and density functional theory calculations.  In particular, we consider bcc➜hcp transformations in iron, fcc➜hcp transformations in nickel, and hcp➜fcc transformations in titanium. The results are quantitatively consistent with a range of experimental observations in these disparate systems.

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United Kingdom

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