Heterocyclic & Synthesis Group Postdoc Symposium

8 July 2021 13:00 - 9 July 2021 16:30

The Heterocyclic and Synthesis Group will hold a Postdoc Symposium over two sessions on Thursday 8th July (13.00-17.00) AND Friday 9th July (13.00-16.30). Due to the coronavirus pandemic, this will be a virtual meeting, and is free to attend. To register for the meeting use the following link:
There will be lectures from 9 postdoctoral associates (30 minutes each plus questions), as well as invited lectures from Prof. Mark Levin (University of Chicago) and Prof. Sophie Rousseaux (University of Toronto), both 40 minutes plus questions. The postdoctoral speakers (outlined below) have been selected from the submitted abstracts, and the full programme/abstract booklet is available in the "downloads" section.

Thursday 8th July:
13.00-13.05  Intro 
13.05-13.40  Dr Joshua Tibbetts (University of Bath; Cresswell Group)  
13.40-14.15  Dr Sundaravel Vivek Kumar (University College Dublin; Guiry Group) 
14.15-14.50  Dr Rebecca Clarke (University of Glasgow; Sutherland/Thomson Groups) 
14.50-15.00  Break 
15.00-15.35  Dr James Donald (University of York; O'Brien Group) 
15.35-16.10  Dr Matthew Leech (University of Greenwich; Lam/Dobbs Groups) 
16.10-16.50  Prof. Mark Levin (University of Chicago) 

Friday 9th July:
13.00-13.05  Intro 
13.05-13.40  Dr Stefan Roesner (University of Warwick; Shipman Group) 
13.40-14.15  Dr Wei Sun (University of Southampton; Harrowven Group) 
14.15-14.50  Dr Antonio Romero Arenas (University of Sheffield; Partridge Group) 
14.50-15.00  Break 
15.00-15.35  Dr Adam I. Green (University of Pennsylvania; Burslem Group) 
15.35-16.20  Prof. Sophie Rousseaux (University of Toronto) 
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