Atomic Spectroscopy Group Virtual Symposium ‘D is for Development’

28 July 2021 14:00-15:30, United Kingdom

This meeting will offer the chance to hear about the new areas of development and research in the area of elemental analysis.  We have four speakers who will present their novel work analysing new matrices and target species, not traditionally analysed by ICP-MS and utilising the latest technology.

Detection of microplastics using inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) operated in single-event mode by Dr Eduardo Bolea-Fernandez,  Ghent University, Belgium

Laser ablation inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry as a novel clinical imaging tool to detect asbestos fibres in malignant mesothelioma by Dr Amy Managh,  Loughborough University, UK

Nanoparticle identification using single particle ICP-Time of Flight-MS acquisition coupled to cluster analysis by Dr Mickaël Tharaud, Université de Paris, France

Getting more image information in less time using a novel segmented ablation technique and time of flight ICP-MS to investigate elemental zoning in a G.sacculifer foram by Prof. Gavin Foster, National Oceanography Centre, Southampton, UK

United Kingdom

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