The Herapath Family: a Medical and Scientific Dynasty

25 November 2021 19:00-20:30, United Kingdom

This is a virtual lecture via Zoom. Register at the link above to receive joining details.

John Herapath (1790-1868) and William Herapath (1796-1868) were the sons of two brothers from North Devon who moved to Bristol in the 1780s to work in the brewery trade. John went on to become a renowned mathematician who was involved in the early development of the kinetic theory of gases. William taught himself analytical chemistry and became the first professor of chemistry and toxicology at the Bristol Medical school. He appeared in many famous court cases as an expert witness and was also involved in the early use of anaesthetics, as well as local politics, in Bristol. Four generations of Herapaths, after William, worked as medical practitioners in Bristol, the last one dying in 2009.

Emeritus Professor Brian Vincent has strong research interests in a wide variety of areas, looking at systems of both academic and industrial significance. Research topics include microgel particles, monodisperse and surfactant-free "silicone" oil-in-water emulsions; a variety of core-shell systems, microemulsions, adsorption studies of polymers and their influence on dispersancy properties; and particle deposition/adsorption onto macroscopic surfaces.

United Kingdom

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