(AGM Lecture) Victorian CSI - The History of Forensic Science

2 February 2022 19:00-20:30, BRISTOL, United Kingdom

This lecture is open to non-members and will take place immediately after the Local Section's AGM.​ We are investigating means to view this lecture remotely (eg Zoom) - online connection instructions will follow.

How did 19th century crime scene investigators collect and analyse vital evidence? How did they use forensic science to build cases in court? And, did Victorians really believe that a photo of a victim’s eyes could help to catch their killer? Join crime historian and author Angela Buckley for an intriguing glimpse into the grisly, and sometimes bizarre, beginnings of forensic science. In her talk, Angela will explore the ground-breaking work of the pioneers in forensic science in the fight against crime. She will explore early CSI techniques such as foot-printing, toxicology, fingerprinting and trace evidence analysis. Illustrated by historical crime cases, the talk will reveal the fascinating story of how innovative strategies used in investigating homicides in the past paved the way for modern CSI.

Angela Buckley is associate lecturer at Oxford Brookes University, where she is also undertaking doctoral research into Victorian police detectives and their sleuthing techniques. She writes about Victorian crime and police history, and is the author of popular police biography, The Real Sherlock Holmes: The Hidden Story of Jerome Caminada. Her work has featured in national newspapers and magazines. An experienced speaker, Angela has taken part in many events, such as the Henley Literary Festival, the Manchester Histories Festival and at the Museum of London. She has appeared on BBC One’s The One Show and is a regular guest on BBC Radio. She is a member of the Crime Writers’ Association.
BAWA Healthcare and Leisure

Conference Room 1, BAWA Healthcare and Leisure, 589 Southmead Road, Filton, BRISTOL, BS34 7RG, United Kingdom

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